“…which is as thine own soul…” (Deuteronomy 13:6)


A Gift From My Friend –

Twenty-seven years ago, my dying best friend told me all that matters is God.  Not her home, or even her children…all that matters is God.  I told her I knew, and we paused to think on this, as four children ran around us with much noise (mine included).  That’s what she meant in their instance, not the love for them, but the noise and aggravation and many chores which came therewith.  For she had twins and one other, all very young, and she was dying of cancer.  Everyone wanted to help in any way…yet to her all that mattered was God.

I didn’t understand the impact of what she told me (we both at age 30).  At that age, you feel you do know everything, and you’ve experienced enough to feel wise in your adulthood.  Her words came easy to agree with, yet really I didn’t know.

As I ponder often what she told me, and as I’ve come to know God more…I know in my heart she couldn’t have given me a more blessed gift.  And that was the best guidance I could ask for.  God planted in me through my best friend.  For the next years in my life reflected often, from need, to what my friend said.  And how strong she was to face her road, not in pity, but with peace about it all.  God’s peace.

Unspoken words to my friend.  I feel she knows I have learned what she told me.  And I am so thankful she had the Holy Spirit in her heart – to leave behind those she had to.  God’s peace she had.  And she shared with me to let me know, and to try and guide me with her attained wisdom and faith.

How blessed I feel I am.  To have a friend whose final and everlasting gift, was to show me God’s peace in her!


Morning Star


  • from book, Page 33 in entirety