To Right the Wrongs Around Us

Our fast pace doesn’t provoke time to appreciate what we’ve been so gifted and blessed with.  While we have destroyed so much in our greed we take what we have for granted.  Slowly a diseased world crawls to surround us.  Diseased of hurt and destruction from evil that tries to saturate us.  Restore that which we are taking away.  Reach where doors have not led you before and remove old wasteplaces to God’s restoration.  Let Him move where only He can move us – to ease our world’s groaning and to restore old wasteplaces.  Starting in our hearts – open it dear God I pray – may we open it to one another.

Seek a power from within where God places and builds in you, as you can to others around your life.  To build each up to a point of feeding their soul.  And thus feeding our own.  To restore old wasteplaces indeed, as God has told us in His word.  Rebuild that which was ruined by evil destructions…rebuild the hearts along the way.