While There Is Time

As we’ve tried to take prayer and the mention of God and our Faith from our world…bring Him back, while there is time.

Come to the Lord while He is near. Come to Him while there is time. (in read Isaiah Chapter 55)

We can pretend all we want. We can come to show ourselves for others. We can make our face to please, for show, and clothe ourselves to shine as crimson. (Jeremiah 4:30) Yet we cannot change what is to come from how we are. For our efforts have been chosen of those in vain. Our decking of ourselves does not show but only we are spoiled. For God is not pleased by our vanity. And as we have caused our world to howl, know its mourning is from God to repent us. He will not turn back from this. (4:28) He will not repent from showing His purpose in us. Our way is not to be – we are altogether vanity. When our world continues this way, we only bring sorrow upon sorrow. We are grieved on every side. (Jeremiah 5:3, 6)

As I read Isaiah 58:12, I see hope for change. “The restorer of paths to dwell in.” “They that shall be of thee shall rebuild old waste places.” Our sacrifice to God is to take away the yoke (and pointing of finger), to undo burdens, to cast away stumbling blocks. These make us worthy to be called. “Not doing our own ways or pleasures or words.” (Isaiah 58:13) Delight thyself in the Lord. “…my Spirit…and my words shall not depart…” forever (59:21). We see how we can build our seeds – our world, our eternity, and restore our paths to dwell in. For eternity, when there will be time no longer.

Take the paths God lays before us and build to His glory. In Him our praise may move a means to our eternity. Praise to whom our help comes from and by whom we have hope. What be our hope for eternity…when there is time no longer? If we wait until too late, when will that be? Our cost is not from pocket, no money can buy God’s riches. No money can know His thoughts nor ways. We come to God empty – our contrite hearts and feeble minds we lay at Christ’ feet. And He will renew our spirits free of charge. (“…freely given to us of God.” I Corinthians 2:12)

So why wait until His nearness may no longer be offered? When will that be? May we all come to Jesus while there is time. Before eternity, before that final time He will be calling. (Isaiah 57:1) “The righteous perish and no man lay it to heart, and merciful men are taken away and none consider…taken from the evil to come.” (and 65:12) “…when I called you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not hear…” As our hearts are weighed to turn to Jesus, we need not subdue or ignore. “…before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” (65:24) We are weighed for a purpose – when will it be too late to follow? All things we do, still we are not at peace without our Lord. We eat but are hungry, drink and are left to thirst. As our spirits are vexed and ashamed (65:13, 14), we cannot be full in our hearts.

Come to rest where rest and peace can only be…with God as our center. May we all come now, draw near unto God, and He will draw closer to us. As your words move deep into our souls, as you speak, may be listen. (65:19) “…and the voice of weeping shall be no more.”