Liken Unto A Wise Man

“…I will liken him unto a wise man…” (Matthew 7:24)

Do you remember the words that follow? And the words just before?

A wise man — what I prayed for my entire life – do I remember? I hope to have obtained just a bit by now. And I can see where wisdom be, therein lay perhaps hardships and pain, empty and lonely…perhaps. That which makes the heart grow strong through God, who turns and makes us to where we need. Wisdom can be as a gentle gift brought and raised by even fury.

The words God shows us to build this wisdom? To hear those words not only, but as well to do. And this wisdom, upon a rock. Wisdom is not washed away. Nor is there wisdom ever beaten away. Wisdom…planted by God in the works of our heart into our life. To build our life upon His rock not sand, to be flooded by this world.

Let God build the wisdom we need to help others – to love others – to see Him, Jesus in our wisdom. Built upon a rock where we can look upon it all, and in rich soil by His feeding into our lives.

My hope to ever obtain.

JESUS Among Us

Rose of Sharon in PURE WHITE

Think how God came down to man…in a manger. He shows us to see how He came, and to use how he came – in a simple manger. In all its lowliness and meekness and pure – the manger. No frills or pomps, no loud and boisterous music, just the pureness of angels and the hearts of those who witnessed.

God shows us His coming, as the lowliness in His birth; how we should come to know as well, and to know and love all others, our neighbors, …humbly.

When We Need Strength

Fall’s Reflection

Why do we pray? We pray to open God’s grace into our life. God’s grace. It’s what He has for us; to give freely. It’s not what we earn or deserve. It is God’s gift to us – freely given of the love He has for us.

Grace – I am never able, worthy or understanding of how – but grace comes to save my soul to save all the souls Jesus prayed for. Because without grace, we never would see God’s mercy.

God’s grace is ever sufficient. And our plans may not be what God plans, but His grace will get us through and lead our hearts by His strength and will. And we are able.

My Preacher, My Teacher, My Friend

Through you, God has made us shine. He has gifted and blessed the hearts of this church as His plan placed you here. But do you “light a candle and put it under a basket”? God says to “feed His lambs” and you my dear friend have many more to feed. We do not hold your flaming candle just for us now, but we praise God He leads you and your dear, dear family as you feed many more.

As God moves you and those not yet even known, I pray He leads them to the open arms and open and loving hearts of you and your family. And I can see a good thing as we must let you go.

Let That Be

I just cry – I sit and cry. My emotions seem to open to everything I hear…or see…or think. And then I cry. Is this ever to peel back and restart my strength? Or is this to build me for forever?

I am in shambles of this world around me – it is closing to what was. Let that be dear God – close our empty anger and force the love of everyone.


Is it weird that a certain other country visited this blog many many times before our election? Now they stay away. Is that weird? Because they went from 9 to well over 100 visits during…yet they stopped. Is that weird?

ESD – Election Stress Disorder

It’s alright. Just remember God is in control. No matter how we seem to mess things up…OR how others seem to mess things up.

And if emotions of fear or anxious tend to take control – ease to your faith as God has taught. He is in control.

Still know God catches every tear – how nice the thought. Heaven’s diamonds. Ease in His care…forever in God’s care.


I Need That Ease Lord

Some days now seems like an endless need of special attention. We all have worries and scares. We have health needs even from fear alone.

We sometimes feel only we are here. Only us, to ease and nourish our lonesome selves. Some days our minds simply freeze up from matters too worrisome to address. And failure lures from over every shoulder.

I’ve read when we move our focus to God, then He moves our every need. I need that ease Lord. Help my mind to not wander, but penetrate the focus of you to my rescue. Rescue the many needs before us Oh Lord.

Those Baser Sorts

Step back and look. It’s a scary place out there. But if we step back even further we see how our world is being shaken in control.

As I read in the Acts I see our world as now described. And when I see words as in Chapter 17:15 “…fellows of the baser sort and gathered a company and set all the city on an uproar…”, I see now.

And those baser sorts think others as “These that have turned the world upside down…” Sound familiar?

Do You Cry?


Do you cry Lord?

With all of my tears, today I ponder a thought.  Do you cry God?  Do you ever?  I’d say if you do, you are crying now.  When those who turn and hate and hurt and destroy along their path – when they are, I’d say you cry.  From the pain you see before it even is.  I’d say you cry.

Except we know as you’ve told us, where you are there are no more tears.  You show us how by your love.  And even as we may cry now, cry out to God in its path.  For we know there, there will be no more tears.

One day…as we come to you dear God, as you wipe away all our tears.