Liken Unto A Wise Man

“…I will liken him unto a wise man…” (Matthew 7:24)

Do you remember the words that follow? And the words just before?

A wise man — what I prayed for my entire life – do I remember? I hope to have obtained just a bit by now. And I can see where wisdom be, therein lay perhaps hardships and pain, empty and lonely…perhaps. That which makes the heart grow strong through God, who turns and makes us to where we need. Wisdom can be as a gentle gift brought and raised by even fury.

The words God shows us to build this wisdom? To hear those words not only, but as well to do. And this wisdom, upon a rock. Wisdom is not washed away. Nor is there wisdom ever beaten away. Wisdom…planted by God in the works of our heart into our life. To build our life upon His rock not sand, to be flooded by this world.

Let God build the wisdom we need to help others – to love others – to see Him, Jesus in our wisdom. Built upon a rock where we can look upon it all, and in rich soil by His feeding into our lives.

My hope to ever obtain.