JESUS Among Us

Rose of Sharon in PURE WHITE

Think how God came down to man…in a manger. He shows us to see how He came, and to use how he came – in a simple manger. In all its lowliness and meekness and pure – the manger. No frills or pomps, no loud and boisterous music, just the pureness of angels and the hearts of those who witnessed.

God shows us His coming, as the lowliness in His birth; how we should come to know as well, and to know and love all others, our neighbors, …humbly.

When We Need Strength

Fall’s Reflection

Why do we pray? We pray to open God’s grace into our life. God’s grace. It’s what He has for us; to give freely. It’s not what we earn or deserve. It is God’s gift to us – freely given of the love He has for us.

Grace – I am never able, worthy or understanding of how – but grace comes to save my soul to save all the souls Jesus prayed for. Because without grace, we never would see God’s mercy.

God’s grace is ever sufficient. And our plans may not be what God plans, but His grace will get us through and lead our hearts by His strength and will. And we are able.