We Must Try


Hearts touch by othersyou let me see the blessings just before me.  You hold my heart in tears as your presence is revealed.  The joy I seek is already with me, as you let me see dear Lord.  You move the simplest, of greatness to behold.  You move hearts one from another with but a smile.  You do it for us God, to fill us and feed us of encouraging reward.  You show us treasures in our life we never steered – you did – you fed hearts to reach one another.  Thank you God, you give us ways to go through our days to feed us.  May we always see as we’re so blessed by you.

See I Peter 3:9, 9 – “having compassion one of another.”  “…render blessings as then we also receive.”  And see 4:10 “as every man has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another.”  God guides us with our gifts in us, and He tells us, as I Timothy 4:14-16 shows: …give thyself wholly to them…(neglect not the gift that is in thee).  For it shall both save thyself and them that hear thee.  And He tells us “meditate upon these things.”  So we must try…

Yet why is it God when your presence is mentioned, or your grace is what we say our hope and faith is in, do some act as though they can’t believe we said what we did?  As though praise to others of you God, makes them feel uncomfortable and squirm.  They never even respond to what they heard (or read) from said ones proclaiming you in their  lives.  Why is that Lord?  (Satan’s try)

Why, when you pour your soul to another, do they never mention or talk about it?  That’s so strange.  What it does is throw guilt on the one pouring (their soul).  It makes one feel they should never have shared if it makes others so uncomfortable.  It leaves people feeling not able and wanting to share.  Why is that Lord?  (Satan’s try)

We must try.  And yet if we’re condemned in heart from our good works, take it patiently and with grace, (see I Peter 2:20) and we can know in our heart we will have reward still (in that glorious day).  God knows as we try, and He remembers.  (In read Mark 6:4)  He has cause for how we are and how things work.  His work – it is glorious in our sight.

If I wait to be worthy, that day never be.   But I know by God’s grace and in His time and control, I know then will be.  And the works and fruit to come in me, you will and are building.  Yet as I reflect upon my failures, I can see how I found you God.  For those times in my life have built me to know and see your blessings into my life.  And so I must try…

Let me move in haste as you weigh and feed my heart, before I ponder and your presence disappears.  Let me understand from you Lord and may your gifts in me give ability.  Keep me and place me and move me where you guide.  As others are before my path, move me Lord to touch their heart with your blessings.  And as I try, I pray you move me Lord so I can move with you in my life.




Just Broken

Do you ever just feel broken?  I’ve felt this way now for three days.  I’ve prayed; I’ve read scripture; spent much time in devotion…and crying.  But this wave of empty and panic remains.  God’s trying to push an attention on me I know.  So I must write and then see where He leads.  My work for Him.

I feel such loss, for the loss I have endured, I feel I cannot.  It has overwhelmed me.  My focus cannot see.  Help me Lord to see your mercy, help me to dwell in your arms and let you hold me.  Just hold me.  And then I can quiet in your calm, for right now I cannot find  calm in my days.  I frantically search my mind as it wanders and grows dim in strength.  I need your power and Holy Spirit into my soul Lord – please take not away.


From book in it’s entirety: pg. 13

Nothing Can Separate Us –

(Romans 8:39)  Nothing can “separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Nothing!  And yet we stumble from this –  from Jesus and what He actually does in our life.  See 9:32, 33 – a stumbling stone He is made.

That same to which we are saved, we stumble to accept…and often treat this hope as a “rock of offense.”  Why?  See Romans 9:32 – because we try and attain through works (ourselves) and not by faith.  If we keep faith – and build it daily – we can learn where Jesus is.  And rejoice that He is in our life, not by what we do to bring Him to us but by faith in God and His purpose.  (see 8:28 Romans, “…according to His purpose.” )  And we learn in our searching, and our groaning in suffer.  We learn to search God by the Spirit in ourselves…in our hearts placed by God through Jesus, for us to see Him (in us).  We learn through our groaning, what is the will of God’s purpose.

And through faith in Jesus – even when He stumbles our hearts – we learn to move in the place and the way He wants us.  Not we ourselves or any other, but our groanings carry us to God’s will.  So if and when we hurt – look to see where it may lead us.  Make sure, by surrender to God, this hurt has not a purpose.  God’s purpose in our life.

Through faith, non-waivering faith, in His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, we may see His purpose as our life.  And nothing can separate us.  Nothing.