Maybe It Was Just Me


I remember growing up, I prayed God make me wise.  I prayed it over and over.  And I prayed He let me be even a ray of light to others’ needs – ones in darkness.  I prayed this often, and really didn’t know why.  I also remember fretting over what to call God in my prayers:  dear God; Heavenly Father; dear Lord.  I thought it mattered and I didn’t want to say it wrong.

I didn’t know God then, nor especially Jesus.  It felt as though I was praying to an openness where God be – in heaven.  That’s all I knew.  I didn’t know God.  And nobody spoke (outside of church) of God – or Jesus – or that we loved Him.  We just left it at saying prayers and going to church.  Seemed to either be such a private matter or a cause for embarrassment once the teen years hit.  Maybe that was just me, but that’s how it seemed to be.

And then it came…life!  Through the years I’ve come to know Jesus – for cause of need, but especially forgiveness.  I tried over a lifetime not only to earn others’ love, but I tried so hard to earn and justify God’s.

I started my journey through the Bible about fifteen years ago and I found Jesus there.  And I’ve written for years now, the words God truly sends from my heart to my hand.  My work for the Lord – for hopeful help to someone for God’s glory.  I pray the words you read (hopefully) will inspire and feed a need some where.  This blog is to send the words I’m moved to write and need to write to feed my own soul.  I hope you are touched and I do hope if so, you’ll read my book also.  My work for God.



As Evil Creeps In

As blessings tap us on the shoulder, there is a gift from our Lord.  A gift to our hearts, to warm our hearts – to hold our souls in a place where we see Him.  We know without a doubt who has blessed us.  For He alone knows our needs and our torments.  He alone will bless us in a world full of turmoil – as He has told us we would have in this world.  God alone.  He blesses us everyday…I pray each of us may see.

And see, Acts 13.5 “and be content with such things as you have…”  For remember “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” What a blessing indeed.

Look at our leaders in this worldthey more and more show us we really don’t want their success as they think.  They are not in success – they are binding to our fruitfulness in ourselves.  They are greedy for themselves – they show what we don’t need to our salvation.  They show us how not to be.  As evil creeps in – they are taken.  They measure success physically, not inner-most spiritually.  And so they don’t follow God’s path (nor for us).  Their own agendas and their own success.  Not for me, as I’m not for them!  Just remind ourselves “those who exalt themselves will be abased.”


Excerpt from book,  “Even the Despised”, pg. 63

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak to confound the mighty”  and “things which are despised, hath God chosen…”  Despised mind you – in man’s wisdom we search for things not despised but looked up to and approved (man’s wisdom).  Yet the things despised may reveal where God works and where His wisdom be.  “God has chosen..” “to bring to naught things that are.”  So no flesh will glory – none of us to glory in ourselves.  For “he that glory let him glory in the Lord.”

All things in this world – all things – God knows and is in control.  All the tribulations of our world He has foretold us we would see.  Yet instead of judgment (by us) and seclusions, we need to search where God’s power may shine…may turn and may bring to naught so He may be.  …Remember the foolish and the things despised are where God uses for His purpose.  (and see I Corinthians 12:24 “For our comely parts have no need.”)

If we come to Him – He turns the foolish and despised (in us and in this world) naught.








My Dear Daughter



I want to be a tool to open your eyes and heart to know what I do.  To know the things of this world in our life, will smother us in heart and eat our very being from within.   And thereby comes fear.  In wherever our paths take us, therein lies that fear.  If we focus on this world and its woes.  Always that will be.

So my dear, I pray God opens your eyes and heart to see, it is not this world as we focus, but to God do we focus as our purpose of life!!  When we realize this world was created through Jesus by God – for God’s purpose to bring all to him in heaven (for eternity) by Jesus being born in this world (by God’s Holy Spirit) and suffering for all of us and then being resurrected again to God – He removes our sin and overcomes death.

There is our means to God for eternity.  That is our purpose in life.  And all our paths now and our woes therein bring us in need to God.  And this life prepares us and our hearts and souls through all our many struggles to God’s perfection from within.  God is our purpose.  Our purpose for even being.  What He asks now is we have a relationship with Him.  Focus on Him.  And in His words you will find Him.  In your needs as you read from the scriptures, He will open the treasures of His presence.  I promise.

So don’t turn aside Him as your needed help, God is the only help.  And then do your paths comfort from struggle and strife.  Yet others occur and always will.  And when we then turn to Him in reading, He reveals our strength and comfort once again.  In His care we always will be.  That is our life – over and over to Him in need.  And that prepares us by His grace – to His glory and peace in eternity.

What wonderful insights into the very being of our struggles, when we focus to God – not our struggles.  There is when He removes those struggles.  Not we ourselves, because we can’t – alone; only by His strength into our lives.

I’ve learned this my dear daughter from time spent with Him.  You don’t do as I, each is a different soul – yet I pray you quiet to God and focus on Him, to show His presence in you and you’ll see.  And you’ll fill with comfort and peace, in knowing He is always with you – you’re never alone.  And alone, thereby you’ll always see Him.  That is my comfort in the hardships my life brings to my own soul – not my world,  but my soul.  And our soul is what remains in eternity.  Therefore does your focus need be.

God will place all else in your path.  He alone (not you or me) knows our needs.  Because we are here for His purpose.  (Ephesians 2:10)  And He alone knows what it takes for us to get there to His glory and for His purpose (not ours) – it is His purpose this world even be my dear.

Don’t beat yourself up – be still and know He is God in you!!  Always.




All From Love

See Photos Here.I’ve been pondering lately if perhaps “love” is the answer to any need, any problem, any pain, any loneliness, and yes, even healing.  Love, when you consider a source for the need – can remedy.  From love comes care, comes kind and gentle, brings compassion and friendships.  It gives – period.  Just as Jesus served, love serves.  And from God’s love for us – comes Jesus into our world.  

Our world is breaking; is bleeding; is hurting.  Our world around us.  Just as bitterness and hate creep into our minds, evil creeps into our very souls.  It smothers us.  And it ain’t worth it!  Pray we all can reject.  Pray for our governing to let God into our world.  As we reach, He will also.  We can do this – we can bring love into our world’s needs, by bringing God into it’s every inch.  Into our hearts God works miracles!


 From my book:  In Your Sanctuary, pg. 89:

“Lord, thou has been our dwelling place for all generations.”  (Psalm 90:1)

As I come to your sanctuary I can see.  You guide me Lord, as I open my soul to you, in your sanctuary.  …where His Spirit gives me rest and hope, and where my condemnation cannot follow and shall not be. “Under the shadows of thy wings”  we may find refuge (Psalm 91).  We find rest…in your sanctuary.

This world will beat us down, when we don’t look to the Spirit.  As we sow to the Spirit, we come to God’s sanctuary.

As you hold me this day, I am rested for yet another.  In the hope of you Lord, “under the shadow of your wings”, in the arms of your care, I come.  As we look to God and talk with Him, and focus our life…to come each day…we are in God’s sanctuary where nothing can touch.  Fear does not touch in God’s sanctuary!

In the arms of God’s court…in His sanctuary, come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Help Him come more into our world by His presence in our days, in each of us, where we meet Him in His sanctuary.




Unspotted From the World

View Photo Here.

From the world, not to the world.  (in read James 1:27)  Why do we care then what others may be impressed by – we try and please everyone else with our fashion and frantics.  We drama our lives to impress (others).  Why?

This world is spotted to the core with corrupt.  We see this everyday.  Why then would we even have a moment of wanting to impress such agonies in our life?

If we could keep our thoughts kind and giving and loving – there impressions should come, then the world around us becomes “unspotted”.


From my book, While There is Time, pg. 105:

We can pretend all we want.  We can come to show ourselves for others.  We can make our face to please, for show, and clothe ourselves to shine as crimson (Jeremiah 4:30).  God is not pleased by our vanity.  And as we have caused our world to howl, know its mourning is from God to repent us.  He will not repent from showing His purpose in us.

I see hope for change, as I read Isaiah 58:12:  “The restorer of paths to dwell in.”  “They that shall be of thee shall rebuild old waste places.”  Our sacrifice to God is to take away the yoke (and pointing of finger), to undo burdens, to cast away stumbling  blocks.  These make us worthy to be called.  “Not doing our own ways or pleasures or words.”  Isaiah 58:13 “Delight thyself in the Lord.  “…my Spirit…and my words shall not depart…”  (59:21).  We see how we can build our seeds – our world, our eternity, and restore the paths to dwell in.

Our cost is not from pocket, no money can buy God’s riches.  No money can know His thoughts nor ways.  We come to God empty – our contrite hearts and feeble minds we lay at Christ’ feet.  And He will renew our spirits free of charge.  (“freely given to us of God.”  I Corinthians 2:12)  “…when I called you did not answer, when I spoke, you did not hear…”  (Isaiah 65:12).  As our hearts are weighed to turn to Jesus, we need not subdue or ignore. “…before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” (65:24)  We are weighed for a purpose…  All things we do, still we are not at peace without our Lord.  We eat but are hungry, drink and are left to thirst.  …we cannot be full in our hearts.  

Come to rest where rest and peace can only be…with God as our center.  As your words move deep into our souls, as you speak, may we listen.  (65:19) “…and the voice of weeping shall be no more.”


It grabbed my attention the other day when I read John 11:52 “..gather together in one the children of God”.  And all nations.

It seems impossible in a world we now live in – to even fathom “as one”.  God works the impossible, we need to keep Him in our hearts and believe His word.  And we need to read His word – therein He speaks to our soul.  One by one we can bring unity – as we bring God back into our world.  God then can do the impossible.  He can unite our hearts.

“Took branches of palm trees and went forth to meet Him, and cried Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.” (John 12:13)  Imagine that He walk in our world like that, and we welcome and praise Him in the like.  As we’re brought to our knees in despair, may we bend our knees and bow our head and speak to God.  Talk with Him.  And He will move into our hearts…one by one.  And we can be one, through God into our world, by hearts one by one to Him.


From book:  His Hope for All of Us, pg. 7:

So, I hope in help to see others’ stumbles and needs, the same as myself, in growing God’s path in our lives.  Others’ needs are my rewards, if my giving to the need so before them.  We all have needs, we all have stumbles.  I pray I may be a tool in the opening to God’s presence, stumbling block which I am, to help in some way as God feeds.  And in showing God’s strength is revealed in weakness and empty, He brings strength…in needing He brings.

Acts 2:44-47 shows as God wants us to live and thrive and survive with one another.  The way we could be of this mind and accord.  How nice the thought and I smile.

Help us see others’ needs as our rewards, from God to our souls – through people you are sending in our life.  Help us look to help others in theirs.  Show Jesus in lives around us, help Him grow so our hope in Him for all of us will grow. 

Use me as your tool to work in hearts without.  Where there is no hope, no strength; lead me Lord to be your hands in your desire and your care.

Request:  I’d love to hear from you.  Please slip me an email at:  and let me know if my words touch your heart at all.  For that is the purpose – to help others by touching their hearts, helping their hearts by hopefully moving them closer to God.  My words are fed, I promise you, by God.  For His purpose – hopefully in each of us.