Maybe It Was Just Me


I remember growing up, I prayed God make me wise.  I prayed it over and over.  And I prayed He let me be even a ray of light to others’ needs – ones in darkness.  I prayed this often, and really didn’t know why.  I also remember fretting over what to call God in my prayers:  dear God; Heavenly Father; dear Lord.  I thought it mattered and I didn’t want to say it wrong.

I didn’t know God then, nor especially Jesus.  It felt as though I was praying to an openness where God be – in heaven.  That’s all I knew.  I didn’t know God.  And nobody spoke (outside of church) of God – or Jesus – or that we loved Him.  We just left it at saying prayers and going to church.  Seemed to either be such a private matter or a cause for embarrassment once the teen years hit.  Maybe that was just me, but that’s how it seemed to be.

And then it came…life!  Through the years I’ve come to know Jesus – for cause of need, but especially forgiveness.  I tried over a lifetime not only to earn others’ love, but I tried so hard to earn and justify God’s.

I started my journey through the Bible about fifteen years ago and I found Jesus there.  And I’ve written for years now, the words God truly sends from my heart to my hand.  My work for the Lord – for hopeful help to someone for God’s glory.  I pray the words you read (hopefully) will inspire and feed a need some where.  This blog is to send the words I’m moved to write and need to write to feed my own soul.  I hope you are touched and I do hope if so, you’ll read my book also.  My work for God.



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