As Evil Creeps In

As blessings tap us on the shoulder, there is a gift from our Lord.  A gift to our hearts, to warm our hearts – to hold our souls in a place where we see Him.  We know without a doubt who has blessed us.  For He alone knows our needs and our torments.  He alone will bless us in a world full of turmoil – as He has told us we would have in this world.  God alone.  He blesses us everyday…I pray each of us may see.

And see, Acts 13.5 “and be content with such things as you have…”  For remember “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” What a blessing indeed.

Look at our leaders in this worldthey more and more show us we really don’t want their success as they think.  They are not in success – they are binding to our fruitfulness in ourselves.  They are greedy for themselves – they show what we don’t need to our salvation.  They show us how not to be.  As evil creeps in – they are taken.  They measure success physically, not inner-most spiritually.  And so they don’t follow God’s path (nor for us).  Their own agendas and their own success.  Not for me, as I’m not for them!  Just remind ourselves “those who exalt themselves will be abased.”


Excerpt from book,  “Even the Despised”, pg. 63

“God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak to confound the mighty”  and “things which are despised, hath God chosen…”  Despised mind you – in man’s wisdom we search for things not despised but looked up to and approved (man’s wisdom).  Yet the things despised may reveal where God works and where His wisdom be.  “God has chosen..” “to bring to naught things that are.”  So no flesh will glory – none of us to glory in ourselves.  For “he that glory let him glory in the Lord.”

All things in this world – all things – God knows and is in control.  All the tribulations of our world He has foretold us we would see.  Yet instead of judgment (by us) and seclusions, we need to search where God’s power may shine…may turn and may bring to naught so He may be.  …Remember the foolish and the things despised are where God uses for His purpose.  (and see I Corinthians 12:24 “For our comely parts have no need.”)

If we come to Him – He turns the foolish and despised (in us and in this world) naught.








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