My Dear Daughter



I want to be a tool to open your eyes and heart to know what I do.  To know the things of this world in our life, will smother us in heart and eat our very being from within.   And thereby comes fear.  In wherever our paths take us, therein lies that fear.  If we focus on this world and its woes.  Always that will be.

So my dear, I pray God opens your eyes and heart to see, it is not this world as we focus, but to God do we focus as our purpose of life!!  When we realize this world was created through Jesus by God – for God’s purpose to bring all to him in heaven (for eternity) by Jesus being born in this world (by God’s Holy Spirit) and suffering for all of us and then being resurrected again to God – He removes our sin and overcomes death.

There is our means to God for eternity.  That is our purpose in life.  And all our paths now and our woes therein bring us in need to God.  And this life prepares us and our hearts and souls through all our many struggles to God’s perfection from within.  God is our purpose.  Our purpose for even being.  What He asks now is we have a relationship with Him.  Focus on Him.  And in His words you will find Him.  In your needs as you read from the scriptures, He will open the treasures of His presence.  I promise.

So don’t turn aside Him as your needed help, God is the only help.  And then do your paths comfort from struggle and strife.  Yet others occur and always will.  And when we then turn to Him in reading, He reveals our strength and comfort once again.  In His care we always will be.  That is our life – over and over to Him in need.  And that prepares us by His grace – to His glory and peace in eternity.

What wonderful insights into the very being of our struggles, when we focus to God – not our struggles.  There is when He removes those struggles.  Not we ourselves, because we can’t – alone; only by His strength into our lives.

I’ve learned this my dear daughter from time spent with Him.  You don’t do as I, each is a different soul – yet I pray you quiet to God and focus on Him, to show His presence in you and you’ll see.  And you’ll fill with comfort and peace, in knowing He is always with you – you’re never alone.  And alone, thereby you’ll always see Him.  That is my comfort in the hardships my life brings to my own soul – not my world,  but my soul.  And our soul is what remains in eternity.  Therefore does your focus need be.

God will place all else in your path.  He alone (not you or me) knows our needs.  Because we are here for His purpose.  (Ephesians 2:10)  And He alone knows what it takes for us to get there to His glory and for His purpose (not ours) – it is His purpose this world even be my dear.

Don’t beat yourself up – be still and know He is God in you!!  Always.




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