All From Love

See Photos Here.I’ve been pondering lately if perhaps “love” is the answer to any need, any problem, any pain, any loneliness, and yes, even healing.  Love, when you consider a source for the need – can remedy.  From love comes care, comes kind and gentle, brings compassion and friendships.  It gives – period.  Just as Jesus served, love serves.  And from God’s love for us – comes Jesus into our world.  

Our world is breaking; is bleeding; is hurting.  Our world around us.  Just as bitterness and hate creep into our minds, evil creeps into our very souls.  It smothers us.  And it ain’t worth it!  Pray we all can reject.  Pray for our governing to let God into our world.  As we reach, He will also.  We can do this – we can bring love into our world’s needs, by bringing God into it’s every inch.  Into our hearts God works miracles!


 From my book:  In Your Sanctuary, pg. 89:

“Lord, thou has been our dwelling place for all generations.”  (Psalm 90:1)

As I come to your sanctuary I can see.  You guide me Lord, as I open my soul to you, in your sanctuary.  …where His Spirit gives me rest and hope, and where my condemnation cannot follow and shall not be. “Under the shadows of thy wings”  we may find refuge (Psalm 91).  We find rest…in your sanctuary.

This world will beat us down, when we don’t look to the Spirit.  As we sow to the Spirit, we come to God’s sanctuary.

As you hold me this day, I am rested for yet another.  In the hope of you Lord, “under the shadow of your wings”, in the arms of your care, I come.  As we look to God and talk with Him, and focus our life…to come each day…we are in God’s sanctuary where nothing can touch.  Fear does not touch in God’s sanctuary!

In the arms of God’s court…in His sanctuary, come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Help Him come more into our world by His presence in our days, in each of us, where we meet Him in His sanctuary.




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