To Someone Who Is Black and White From Someone Who Is Grey…

She sees me as so miserable and unhappy and forever lost from the “funny, happy go lucky” person I once was – in my youth and as I grew; the “always to make happy laughter.”

Yet as I grow, yes older, my joy is so ever present from inside – kept there in ponder, and none may even see. Perhaps in showing, I’m afraid the joy seen will not be its true source portrayed. Because God and His grace through Jesus is my joy! I ponder and enjoy and fulfill on His presence in me and especially as I read His word.

Never is there a promise joy gives you smiles – joy from within may be solemn yet overflowing. The joy I feel may bring me to tears – so a smile may not be. Yet let that joy forever be when from God. And may you one day see.

In quiet you may notice God’s grace. Upon your own heart, I pray you find and recognize. I pray God opens His words to you. And in His joy may you see of mine and smile in sharing – God’s love for each of us! May our Savior Jesus Christ shine in our hearts together.

…with love.

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