Let That Be

I just cry – I sit and cry. My emotions seem to open to everything I hear…or see…or think. And then I cry. Is this ever to peel back and restart my strength? Or is this to build me for forever?

I am in shambles of this world around me – it is closing to what was. Let that be dear God – close our empty anger and force the love of everyone.


Is it weird that a certain other country visited this blog many many times before our election? Now they stay away. Is that weird? Because they went from 9 to well over 100 visits during…yet they stopped. Is that weird?

ESD – Election Stress Disorder

It’s alright. Just remember God is in control. No matter how we seem to mess things up…OR how others seem to mess things up.

And if emotions of fear or anxious tend to take control – ease to your faith as God has taught. He is in control.

Still know God catches every tear – how nice the thought. Heaven’s diamonds. Ease in His care…forever in God’s care.


I Need That Ease Lord

Some days now seems like an endless need of special attention. We all have worries and scares. We have health needs even from fear alone.

We sometimes feel only we are here. Only us, to ease and nourish our lonesome selves. Some days our minds simply freeze up from matters too worrisome to address. And failure lures from over every shoulder.

I’ve read when we move our focus to God, then He moves our every need. I need that ease Lord. Help my mind to not wander, but penetrate the focus of you to my rescue. Rescue the many needs before us Oh Lord.

Those Baser Sorts

Step back and look. It’s a scary place out there. But if we step back even further we see how our world is being shaken in control.

As I read in the Acts I see our world as now described. And when I see words as in Chapter 17:15 “…fellows of the baser sort and gathered a company and set all the city on an uproar…”, I see now.

And those baser sorts think others as “These that have turned the world upside down…” Sound familiar?

Do You Cry?


Do you cry Lord?

With all of my tears, today I ponder a thought.  Do you cry God?  Do you ever?  I’d say if you do, you are crying now.  When those who turn and hate and hurt and destroy along their path – when they are, I’d say you cry.  From the pain you see before it even is.  I’d say you cry.

Except we know as you’ve told us, where you are there are no more tears.  You show us how by your love.  And even as we may cry now, cry out to God in its path.  For we know there, there will be no more tears.

One day…as we come to you dear God, as you wipe away all our tears.

Can We Let Us Get It Right?


So Many Faces in This Flower

This time, can we work through the hate and jealous and despising judgments of others who are different from ourselves?  We don’t like ones different – who look different – who believe different – who live different.  Yet this struggles with what Jesus has given us to live and thrive and joy in.  “Love one another as yourself”.


I truly feel where He intends is not to love others as much as we love ourselves, our beliefs, our lives.  But to love others as they ARE OURSELVES.  Stop and reflect that.  Then how can we, when we put ourselves as the ones of others, how can we treat others with such anger and judgement and hurt?  Look upon it all…all sides…all peoples.  How would you feel if you had a life as some others may have?


Can we let us get it right?  I can’t help but ponder, is God giving us a chance to?  Can we let?

Welcome My Long Lost Friend

When things go tainted the colors don’t shine.  When thoughts to nowhere or where none should go.  Stray times of the heart beams of dancing, and time never stood still. 










As a flower never to bloom, but stays and grows along its own neighbor.  Years may pass, days may be as those years.  And when I glimpse just yesterday I see its face.  There ready to shine once more.


Interesting (to my thoughts)…


…I wrote a year ago in April 2019, woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep 1:30 a.m.:

I’m left as I age to ponder of how we are to have a new heaven and a new earth.  And I try and think of possible ways of our world this could happen.  For it will, God tells us it will.  And when I look at this world we live in, hold to, relish yet don’t care for, I can see a start of a decay that only eats of life itself.  Our world – a wasted world…

…or one we care for?  So when God reveals, He will be pleased and all that remains is the love we have in our hearts.  For then our souls will soar forever in our new heaven and new earth.  And will they be the same?

I am so grateful for love planted and grown deep within my heart.  And God has planted it deep within my soul.



Worldlings May Well Be Afraid

Worldlings may well be afraid, for they have an angry God above them, a guilty conscience within them, and a yawning hell beneath them; but we who rest in Jesus are saved from all these through rich mercy.  …We ought to be afraid of  being afraid, lest we should vex the Holy Spirit by foolish distrust.

Though the night be dark and dreary, darkness cannot hide from thee; You are he, who, never weary, watch where your people be.

-Charles H. Spurgeon, Mornings and Evenings (thank you Joyce)