Interesting (to my thoughts)…


…I wrote a year ago in April 2019, woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep 1:30 a.m.:

I’m left as I age to ponder of how we are to have a new heaven and a new earth.  And I try and think of possible ways of our world this could happen.  For it will, God tells us it will.  And when I look at this world we live in, hold to, relish yet don’t care for, I can see a start of a decay that only eats of life itself.  Our world – a wasted world…

…or one we care for?  So when God reveals, He will be pleased and all that remains is the love we have in our hearts.  For then our souls will soar forever in our new heaven and new earth.  And will they be the same?

I am so grateful for love planted and grown deep within my heart.  And God has planted it deep within my soul.



Worldlings May Well Be Afraid

Worldlings may well be afraid, for they have an angry God above them, a guilty conscience within them, and a yawning hell beneath them; but we who rest in Jesus are saved from all these through rich mercy.  …We ought to be afraid of  being afraid, lest we should vex the Holy Spirit by foolish distrust.

Though the night be dark and dreary, darkness cannot hide from thee; You are he, who, never weary, watch where your people be.

-Charles H. Spurgeon, Mornings and Evenings (thank you Joyce)

You Let Me See

You turn my sleepless nights to the most precious times to me.  For the time alone with you, I see your glory by your words.  You show me Lord.  I come to know you even more than I know…or could know…you show me.  God, you show me your timeless movement in this world.  And you let us know you have a plan and you alone are in control.

I know I am safe in your peace when I think on your grace.  For by you I know your love will take care of me – you have told me.  And by my hand you walk me each and every day, as I come to you, you are always there.  And you let me see.  Thank you dear God.

In read II Corinthians 4:18 “fix our eyes on things unseen…they are eternal” (not on things seen).  You let me see the unseen dear God.  Only you can reveal to me.  I pray you forever let me see.  God shows His work to us in ways others see and do, to show of His care.  God’s love is planted to help as servants to those in need.  As in the “Mercy Ship” of Christian medical staff to Africa, who perform surgeries to correct the life and looks, of ones who are afflicted with facial tumors and deformities.  Who live in caves of darkness for others not to see them.  Who have no hope in that darkness, they only carry shame.  The Mercy Ship gives medical care needed so God can show His grace, to give them life in the light of His work.  God’s work through those who care, ones He has chosen and moved to live for His work.  May we praise your work dear God.  Praise your shine in the eyes and hearts aglow, of not only those healed, but those serving you.  (Isaiah 49:9-13 “…to them that are in darkness, show yourselves…these come from far…from the north and from the west”  “…Sing…and be joyful, O earth…for the Lord hath comforted His people and will have mercy upon the afflicted.”)  You let us see dear God.

And see Isaiah 50:3 “I clothe the heavens with blackness and I make sackcloth their covering,” and see 50:4 “morning by morning…He waketh my ear to hear as the learned.”  Each day – day-by-day, is how we are to come to Him.  And even in darkness and sackcloth – there we may find your path to glory in heaven.  Where the hurt dwell and the sorrows torment – there, as we’re covered in this world’s sackcloth, you show us where to turn.  Day by day, “morning by morning”, we may “hear as the learned”.  Only by you Lord.  And your words show us, by things too painful to remember, you bring to light.  That is your glory dear God.  You let us see.

As I read in the Old Testament and try to understand, as you let me see, it means exactly what it says.  In all simplicity God spills His words in abundance.  They pour excitement and peace to our soul.  As you let us see – may our eyes open and ears understand.  May you let us see dear Lord.  I see the Old Testament refers us to the New.  So I can see as told to us, then it be.  God shows us.

Even before Christ, God knew and told to show us of His hope and plan in glory.  In His glory for eternity we may be.  God shows us in His word…forever in His word.  For His word will last forever.  We thank you Lord therefrom you show and let us see “morning by morning”.

To Right the Wrongs Around Us

Our fast pace doesn’t provoke time to appreciate what we’ve been so gifted and blessed with.  While we have destroyed so much in our greed we take what we have for granted.  Slowly a diseased world crawls to surround us.  Diseased of hurt and destruction from evil that tries to saturate us.  Restore that which we are taking away.  Reach where doors have not led you before and remove old wasteplaces to God’s restoration.  Let Him move where only He can move us – to ease our world’s groaning and to restore old wasteplaces.  Starting in our hearts – open it dear God I pray – may we open it to one another.

Seek a power from within where God places and builds in you, as you can to others around your life.  To build each up to a point of feeding their soul.  And thus feeding our own.  To restore old wasteplaces indeed, as God has told us in His word.  Rebuild that which was ruined by evil destructions…rebuild the hearts along the way.

Help Us To

To let there be peace on earth…

Can’t we come to realize all are just as equal as the other.  We’re not here for only us – we are here for God and His purpose.  And He has made us, we have not chosen – He has.  And by one spirit, we are all baptized into one body.  “For the body is not one member, but many.”  “And God has set the members every one of them as it hath pleased Him.  

Let us accept those members we think to be less, for we need to bestow more.  For God has given more abundant honor to that part which lack.  “For our comely parts have no need.”  

There are those who lack or those who differ, but in some ways and some days we are the same.  We need to have the same care for one another.  Remember, Now ye are the body of Christ’, and members in particular.”  Not our own, but Christ’. 

He has made us to please Him!




May your lives be touched with the joy Jesus brings to our souls.

Another Season


Do I rest as do the flowers and trees outside?  Do I dormant in my own Winter also?  As I am beginning to down at the thought of no more “pretties” to see outside, I see Fall is upon us today.  I see rest and quiet and building strengths from within the depths of soil and the peaks of branches.  A much needed rest from the toils their oppressed earth brings.  A rest to feed, to re-do what was drained, to refill the empty and torn and battered.  To rest and rebirth in another season.

My Permanent Prayer

When it’s no words to come out, only crying, then I am empty.  No direction, no reason; I am just succumb to the tears.  So I pull out a prayer I wrote some thirteen years ago, when I began my journey through the bible.  A prayer I also shared back when my daughter was overwhelmed in college.  I remember trying to direct her to the Lord for refuge and she replied her time didn’t allow.  I was crushed for her to feel in such a spot.  So I will share again as I have need in myself.

I search today with a heavy heart.  I wait on my thoughts and paths from God.  Hold me close Lord – let me know you are there and here and always knowing.  For my answers which I am confident are sometimes not there at all.  How can I trust me without a complete giving to Christ.  His way – may it always be before me.  Help me know your answer in my all.  Build my every step with confidence of my path.  Help my searching never to give up.  Build my confidence for your purpose.  Sift my goodness and reward your will in me oh Lord – I grow weak yet am strong – I am so low ’til you build me.  Help me see.  Help me grow.  When I am pitifully barren I am full.  My answers need good use.  I in myself am alone in you Lord and for you.  I need a place to escape my fears each day – may I always find it in you.

This prayer has a permanent home right in the front of my orange Gideon bible.  I always know where it is when in need.  And it seems to say what I need to say sometimes.  And that orange Gideon bible?  It’s the backbone and structure and direction for my day.  Everyday.  I always love little small things…an inner joy comes when I see anything in a mini form.  And especially this bible.  Even though it may be small, it holds many, many thoughts and words and paths I ‘ve been through within it’s cover.  I read, then write, then place them within.  My heart lives in the arms of God’s words to build and carry me.  And to hold me in silence with Him.