My Preacher, My Teacher, My Friend

Through you, God has made us shine. He has gifted and blessed the hearts of this church as His plan placed you here. But do you “light a candle and put it under a basket”? God says to “feed His lambs” and you my dear friend have many more to feed. We do not hold your flaming candle just for us now, but we praise God He leads you and your dear, dear family as you feed many more.

As God moves you and those not yet even known, I pray He leads them to the open arms and open and loving hearts of you and your family. And I can see a good thing as we must let you go.

2 thoughts on “My Preacher, My Teacher, My Friend

  1. Hey dear

    We never stop
    Always on the go for our LORD
    There is no retirement on this earth or this life to stop pushing and feeding his people

    Always thank you for ur thoughts



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