Fall 2017



If  ever there was a time I need to write, it is now.  My world around me makes me feel upside down and in chaos.  Where will we lead us? And those divided will cause desolations.  Our earth is groaning from us and know this – when the end is here there will be desolations in “divers” places – our created desolations.  Already in many places.

As Fall is approaching, I must change my venue. I’m suddenly left in the bareness of bars from my porch railings. The birds I’ve been listening to are now few to hear. The thick trees of my vision are now bare to the sky.  The vivid color of petals in every direction are now faded or fallen to the ground. I know ahead soon will be the gray and the dull and the weary to look at. I must change my venue. For winter is soon to be here in all her chilling facets. The still is at rest – I pray rest for our world this winter. May hostility in our souls go dormant. In this chill upon us, may we rest with the world around us.  As snow quietly covers, I pray for the quiet and the calm to encompass our hearts. We need calm – in this world we need calm. We must change our heart’s venue and ease our world’s mourning.

Excerpts from the book:

We spend our life living through God’s plan so Jesus can be revealed and believed and woven in each of us. As we read and come to know God more, we can see how threads of ourselves and others are woven. We need to search and stop to see from within that which can’t be seen… that Jesus. Perhaps.    -Woven Threads, pg 71

For I am nothing in me. Nothing more nor less. I am what God has made me. So, why do we fight and begrudge the differences we see in each other now? “…other sheep not of this fold…them I bring, and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” (see John 10:16) Why struggle so to feed in deviations… in judgements which create desolations among and in, our world? As we open doors we dare not know… as God opens doors to us, guide dear Lord for your purpose in us. In all of us.    -All Are One, pg 93

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