The Fruit of My Heart



I write more when I’m in tears; that’s when I’m moved closer to God.  I woke up in tears this morning.  A song on my mind, one that’s ripped my heart for months.  With the words “I know you’re able, I know you can” the tears just came.  In my read in Luke when Jesus was crucified, God shows me – through His words He shows me.  And gives me places to rest my heart; places of beauty and love and peace…His peace.

I read of Jesus’ resurrection and ponder.  Through Jesus, we too are resurrected and there is comfort in thinking on and knowing that.  For you see, we can know there will be eternal reunions with those gone before us in this world.  Those we love with all our soul – they are gone from us in this world.  God went through that with the death of His Son.  He knows my heart.  There is no way I can fully put into words all of what my heart goes through.  But God knows…and He shows me a peace.

A peace in knowing, as Jesus resurrected, my son also.  And lives with Him in His Kingdom.  And His Kingdom is in us, in me.  There I find my son – with God’s Son.  And I can only awe with love.  That is God’s ultimate gift to us – His love for us in His Kingdom.  And I can only thank God for giving me a dwelling place with my son – always.  To know God has your child in His arms and both around you – to walk and to guard and to love and to be there always with us.  My strength, you show me.  You live and love in us.


John 12:24 “…except a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die, it abide alone.  But if it die it shall bring forth much fruit.”

Passage excerpt also used on pg. 137 of my book.





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