Not Our Purpose

When we crumble others… – it’s like my niece used to say when she was two “that not nice!”  And it’s not.  It’s not intended as God wanted us to live…with each other.  He gave us each other.  And yes, God has made us different for a reason.  Stop and think about that reason.  Perhaps there are lessons to be learned in so being – His lessons to bring us to Him, together.

Think how boring our world would be if we all were the same and no variations.  Consider all the differences as being the same as ourselves; for we all are different from another.  Consider others the same as ourselves and love them as ourselves.

God tells us, the woes in others are the same as in us.  Problems and needs of others will at one point be for ourselves.  When we deal with those issues together – we unite to form a resolve.  Start with God – He will remove those problem differences and we can all be one in Him.  For God’s plan, not our’s.  A resolve in living that!


Excerpt from my book (“My dear daughter”, page 125):

All our paths now and our woes therein bring us in need to God.  And this life prepares us and our hearts and souls through all our many struggles to God’s perfection from within.  God is our purpose.  Our purpose for even being.  What He asks now is we have a relationship with Him.  Focus on Him.  And in His words you will find Him.  In your needs as you read from the scriptures, He will open the treasures of His presence.  I promise.

…it is His purpose this world even be my dear.




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