God Feeds

…and in their minds will I write them.  (Hebrew 10:16)

When I read this verse 9/22/10 it showed me what I felt as I write.  I ached to write, but with no direction to complete a book.  I only knew a title, for years.  God feeds – He truly does.

Written 1/25/14 before pulling all my entries to compose and publish The Write Words: Journals.

Sometimes we look too far and deep to see a reason for the paths our life takes.  Each day we ponder over and pick apart – lots of times in worry.  Sometimes we try too hard (in strife) to figure out God’s message to us and in His word.  And we don’t understand.  God’s words are simple and true – just as they say.  Simply don’t pick them to no avail.  Words written just as God moved ones to write.  So simple yet deeper than the oceans.  God’s words carry hearts more than the depths of the oceans.  As we simply still to see.

My heart turns to you Lord as my prayer for this day.  May I turn to you as this life roars through my mind.  Always eating at the edges of my soul, my worries are always there to smother me.  Only as I turn and know you are in control – your way is the way I move to any comfort in my heart.  Peace you bring dear Lord, as I see in me when I come and lay my life’s worries.  As each day seems to bring a new woe – you are ever ready to see me turn (to you).  As I praise you in my life – I can see by your words.

Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. (Luke 24:45)







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