Everyday Blessings

While I think on the days ahead of our Thanksgiving Holiday, I am in constant reflection and gratitude, for the many blessings in my life.  I look at the beautiful leaves this Fall and honestly, some have been more vivid than mid-summer flowers.  As our peak seemed to be last weekend, I have been blessed to be able to sit among the colors and walk in it’s path around my yard.  The flower beds seem to rejoice with brilliance at the upcoming rest for it’s next season to shine.

I am so blessed to live in the mountains of SW Virginia – how awesome among the Appalachian Mountains.  It reminds me daily of God’s gifts in our world.   A gift He alone has blessed me with.  He has placed me here away from noise and congestion, away from smog, away from bright lights so our sky can show it’s stars at night.  How awesome to live at this pace and in this place!

The best of my blessings is my family.  My loving and supporting family.  So close to my home is their home.  No matter ever the need or the hope or the hurdles we share – we share them.  And for that I am so blessed to have the family I do.  Stop and still in the moments ahead of this Thanksgiving season, and be fed by the many blessings we hold in our heart.


Excerpt from book, pg. 136 “We are blessed everyday”:

Let us be thankful for our many blessings along the way in life.  And also be thankful for our days we don’t see blessings.  For only God can see.  And as He shows us His way, may we see all days as a blessing to be thankful for.  





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