I Know A Hidden Part Of Your Heart

As our young ones may enter into a new path or the same – day by day, as we help to guide their help.

When I look back, I know some things I ever said were even a matter. Yet I suddenly realized I have lived with you longer than any I can think of. And I do know you. I know a hidden part of your heart. If there’s ever one thing you’ve heard from me, let it be this. Keep God in your being, always. When there’s no other one to your help of your comfort or company, He’ll be there – Jesus our Lord is always there with you – always. You can always talk to Him; let Him talk in your mind and you need no other anything.

The matter is not where you are, what you have, when is the right time, nothing – nothing at all matters but God in you. And God will encircle your life and ease in it’s borders. He will enter your heart and your mind and your soul. And you will find His way delving through every being in your presence. In all your circumstances and needs and hurts and even wants.

He will provide for you His way. And the being of God in you is all that is to matter. Talk to Him always and then listen to Him in your soul. He will protect you in all you grow through – to Him. (10/15/08 5AM)

In read 9/10/22: Isaiah 54:13 “and all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”

Peace…how nice.

4 thoughts on “I Know A Hidden Part Of Your Heart

    • thanks dear friend; glad you like. haven’t been writing as much, sometimes my work in church hinders my creativity. I like to write in winter and hope you’ll read then as well. I don’t know how young and old live in peace without our Lord. We have to try.


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