As We Restore

Sometimes I feel really stupid, writing and nobody reads it.  But it’s not for man’s approval, it’s for a hopeful tool it can be to feed a needing and hurting, then I am fed. Restore Such An One I was moved to write on in my book.  The purpose of the book is for ones to read and in hopes it may feed even one’s needs or hurts.  When I yearn to have a purpose – to be a tool to feed of God to someone; when I ache in thinking there’s no one to read, I feel empty.  And that’s where evil creeps in through doubt.  But I know in me, God moves that doubt – and I write.  For God’s glory and his help do I write, I must write.

I remember I wrote an article once for a news column.  It was ‘In My Rejection’.  The editor wouldn’t let it publish and so I felt even more rejected.  And then I came to scripture that reminded me how Jesus was rejected over and over and over again.  I am shown in my rejection to be silent to any doubt and to feed as I am fed by God’s words.  And so I write.  And he calms me in knowing someone will read.


Excerpt from book, pg. 118 “Restore Such An One”

We all have different things to live through.  And some may not be approved of others, yet the way is before us, and God uses somewhere for His purpose, for us to grow in Christ.  If our paths were already straight and we walked only in them, then Christ need not die (in vain?).  God in control – not us to judge a path someone else walks in – God is judge and in control.  These paths are made straight only through Jesus Christ.

How would our own life be, if everyone else was already perfect and walked only in God’s straight path?  And we be the one to sway in doubt or weakness to the path not accepted by others.  How would that be?  Through wrongs we can be made right.  …As we’re brought to our knees as our heart weighs…until we be as Christ wants us.  What if we’re a vessel – those of us who sin?  Look at Saul…God chose him as a vessel – a chosen vessel for others who may not normally know Christ.  Sometimes it takes ones, perhaps of a different way that we see, to show others of God.

It amazes me we tend to pick and choose those worthy in our life.  Different worlds and different colors we are made, all made by God.  Who are worthy of His Son as Savior?  Those only who feel they have no sin?  Those whose life follows the rules we think they need to keep?  Who are worthy of God’s love through Christ?  Or has Christ died in vain?

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