Stop and Smell the Roses

Don’t let me be ashamed my things aren’t neat and tidied up busying my days.  Don’t let me be ashamed my yard is not precise and manicured, but it spreads the paths of my heart throughout it’s beds.  Don’t let me be ashamed I don’t spend my time to remedy.  But I think back on Martha in the scriptures – busying herself with chores and not at Jesus’ feet learning.  For that, never let me be ashamed.

When I take yet another morning picture of  my poppies and get so excited as I view in zoom focus, I suddenly wonder if I truly am delusional.  To get that excited over and over – same poppies (the ones my son had seeds of and we planted).  He’s the only other who shares my enthusiasm at present and it keeps me glad in my work.  I’m hit with the thought though, of why in the world would I get this enthralled over pictures each morning of the blooms God has blessed me with?  Why?  In the world?  Perhaps not so much in this world.

I feel we each need to be so enthralled in God’s blessings into our souls.  Find them so when you see them you will know.  And when your heart is  melted with joy, let Jesus feed your soul.  Embrace it – that joy you will need for the day.  Feed to your spirit, the one that pours the groanings you can’t even utter.  Feed to your soul as the Comforter comes in many ways.  He will move your groanings to mold you as God wants you, as God needs you to be to count your soul ready for eternity.



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