Help Us To

To let there be peace on earth…

Can’t we come to realize all are just as equal as the other.  We’re not here for only us – we are here for God and His purpose.  And He has made us, we have not chosen – He has.  And by one spirit, we are all baptized into one body.  “For the body is not one member, but many.”  “And God has set the members every one of them as it hath pleased Him.  

Let us accept those members we think to be less, for we need to bestow more.  For God has given more abundant honor to that part which lack.  “For our comely parts have no need.”  

There are those who lack or those who differ, but in some ways and some days we are the same.  We need to have the same care for one another.  Remember, Now ye are the body of Christ’, and members in particular.”  Not our own, but Christ’. 

He has made us to please Him!




May your lives be touched with the joy Jesus brings to our souls.

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