Can We Let Us Get It Right?


So Many Faces in This Flower

This time, can we work through the hate and jealous and despising judgments of others who are different from ourselves?  We don’t like ones different – who look different – who believe different – who live different.  Yet this struggles with what Jesus has given us to live and thrive and joy in.  “Love one another as yourself”.


I truly feel where He intends is not to love others as much as we love ourselves, our beliefs, our lives.  But to love others as they ARE OURSELVES.  Stop and reflect that.  Then how can we, when we put ourselves as the ones of others, how can we treat others with such anger and judgement and hurt?  Look upon it all…all sides…all peoples.  How would you feel if you had a life as some others may have?


Can we let us get it right?  I can’t help but ponder, is God giving us a chance to?  Can we let?

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