Protect Us From Ourselves


As I awake today, I feel this uneasy feeling.  It’s not unfamiliar as it creeps into my presence.  Oh Lord – I need you today; shake this from me.  Protect us in this world from the evils which haunt our lives.  As I pray evil to consume itself, I also pray for us along it’s path.  We in ourselves don’t always move away from it’s direction, yet our souls long for it’s rest.  Protect us from ourselves who keep not evil at-bay.  Protect us this day in a world edging along this volatile path we’re on.  Protect our souls Lord so we may endure what we have sown.  Help us Lord to glow a new and cover the old deep below.  Bring to life a planting in our world of your hope and love for us.  Bring light into our world where darkness always lurks, enlighten the hearts therein.  All of us are there in this darkness on a given page of our lives.  Help us to turn those pages, never to open to our hearts again.

Protect us oh Lord from this evil in ourselves, and bring your glory into our world.


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