Connie’s World


Do I dare write on this, Connie’s world?  Do I even attempt to place the words for such a complex state – yet so simple?  I dwell too much though.  I dwell and ponder and see much in my world.  Too much?  In my own being of mind I sometimes seem to ponder apart.

My own son told me once I lived in a fairy tale world.   He was mad at me at the time and it just came out with his emotions.  He later said he didn’t mean it but I truly wonder if he really did.

When I talk of the spiritual concept of a way and attitude there, I voice what I think.  I conceive through a different reality from others around me.  Thus, Connie’s world they kid about.  I seem to pull situations and possibilities from nowhere of basis.  Why do I see things as I do?  Am I really and only in Connie’s world?  Do I create things delusional from my pondering so much?

In Connie’s world there is no cell phone; never has been and hopefully never will be a need.  And so I enjoy what God has put before me – not man through “witty inventions”.  I enjoy the quiet and beauty and rest God gives us in this world.  We only need look around…right under our feet, or over our head – look up.  Enjoy the colors of the sky and the lines of our earth as they embrace.  Look for it everyday.  I’ve before been amazed at a gorgeous sunrise, yet to others they didn’t even notice…look up sometimes.  The beauty there helps ease what ails below.  Someone told me when I retired “sunrises and snowflakes” is what retirement is.  He was one to always notice the sunrise too, and yep, what a plan in start to each day “sunrises and snowflakes” – on a given season of course.

And I thank God for His dwelling place for me everyday.  I am so blessed I live in Connie’s world.


Quiet Garden

2 thoughts on “Connie’s World

  1. “The beauty there helps ease what ails below.” Those are beautiful comforting words.
    Know that with so much sorrow and suffering in the world Connie’s World shines a light in this dark world. Keep up the good work.


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