A Christmas Slowdown

It’s been a dry time for writing lately – mostly due to our upcoming celebration.  And then yesterday lo and behold we had fifteen inches of snow; resting us in it’s beauty ALL DAY LONG.  Sure there were chores of the snow tended to but only for short spirts.  Rest is what the day put upon us.  A Christmas slowdown.

A day to just take in the beauty God gave us and gives us.  A day to reflect upon Him.  The snow was so constant and penetrating that you could only chore in it for short periods.  Rest it demanded. 

In my read this morning I think upon the world with God’s power and love to support our life.  When I see I John 4:4, the words give me hope for good things in this world.  We embrace this time of year and hope the heartfelt feelings last all year.  Our hope?

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”

See the reason we celebrate – see Jesus – in everything.  Because Jesus is love and that’s all that matters.  It resolves all within us.  May God’s spirit live in our hearts everyday!  (see I John 3:24)  And know we have the power then, to change our world (within us)!

MERRY, MERRY AND BLESSED (in your own world, our world) CHRISTMAS!!





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